📦Chest Shop

A chest shop plugin which helps you make shops and sell/buy items from the community

What is Chest Shop?

Chest Shop is a simple shop plugin that allows you and other players to create a new shop quick and easy.

How to create a Chest Shop?

To create a shop, place down a chest and left-click it with the amount of items you want to sell.

For example: If I want to sell 16 diamonds will I need to hold 16 diamonds in my hand and left-click the chest with it.

You will then be prompted to type in the chat, how much you would like to sell this item for.


/qs setowner <player> - Change the Shop Owner.

/qs buy - Change the shop to buying items.

/qs sell - Change the shop to selling items.

/qs price <price> - Change the buy/sell price of the item.

/qs clean - Removes any loaded shop that doesn't have any items in stock.

/qs find <item> - Find the nearest shop that sells items which start with the provided text. e.g. /qs find dia will find the nearest shop that buys/sells diamonds.

/qs create <price> [item] - Command to create the shop with item in hand or specified.

/qs staff - Manage staff in your shop.

  • /qs staff add <player> - Add a player as staff to your shop.

  • /qs staff del <player> - Remove a player as staff from your shop.

  • /qs staff clear - Remove all staff-members from your shop.

  • /qs staff list - Show all current staff-members of your shop.

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