A jobs plugin which helps you make money by doing specific tasks in the selected job

What is Jobs Plugin?

The Jobs plugin is a Minecraft plugin that allows players to earn in-game currency by performing various tasks such as mining minerals, crafting items, and exploring the world. Players can join a variety of jobs to earn in-game currency.

Types of Jobs

  1. Breeder - Earn money by breeding animals

  2. Digger - Earn money for terraforming the world

  3. Farmer - Earn money by farming crops

  4. Fisherman - Earn money from fishing

  5. Florist - Earn money by smelting

  6. Hunter - Earn money by killing animals and monsters

  7. Miner - Earn money by mining minerals and ores

  8. Smelter - Earn money by smelting minerals and ores

  9. Woodcutter - Earn money by cutting and planting trees


/jobs browse - Opens up the jobs GUI, where you can view/join/leave jobs. You can unlock more job slots by voting and ranking up.

/jobs join <job> - Joins the specified job.

/jobs leave <job> - Leaves the specified job. You lose 10% of your levels when you leave a job.

/jobs stats <player> - Displays the players current jobs levels.

/jobs top <job> - Displays leaderboard of players by level (does not work for bedrock).

/jobs clearownership - Clear all owned blocks for the Smither job. (Furnaces, smokers, blast furnaces and brewer stands).

/jobs log - Shows you a log of how much you earned on a certain job.

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