Info About Crate!

Craftable :

Craftable items will be able to be crafted to create better or other items!

Short Swords :

They are swords that swing faster but do less damage. [These are good for bedrock players as it is harder for them to see the Java hit counter.]

Long Swords :

They will be swords that take a longer time to charge up but hit higher like a Java axe!

Rarities :

They are in the following order.

  • TIER - I [Rarest]

  • TIER - II

  • TIER - III

  • TIER - IV

  • TIER - V [Common]

Crates will not be gone forever. or at least the items in them. If you do not get a chance to buy it when it is out. some items will not stay exclusive to that crate. However, it may take a while for it to come back.

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