Here is an overview of what key do/are on RiftCraft

What are Keys?

Keys are items you can obtain to open crates. Like the vote crate that gives out vote keys, we put specialty limited time crates for players to buy keys for. You can visit the crate area at /warp crates

How can I Buy Keys?

The most common way to buy keys is on our store!

Store Link: keys.riftcraftmc.com

Are there Free Ways to Get Keys?

Yes! There are a few ways to get keys on our server, without spending a dime.

The first way is through voting, you can do /vote or click the link below to learn about it!

Note : You can only get Vote Keys by Voting, not the Paid Keys.


The second way is through our Discord Giveaways, you can click the link below to join our discord and look if any giveaways are happening. If there are no giveaways active you can go to #self-roles channels and select the @giveaways role

Note : You can only get Paid Keys and other prizes by Discord Giveaways, not the Vote Keys.

⚔️pageOur Discord!

The third way is through events! We will have special prizes for the players competing in the events. They will get Crate Keys, Ranks and Gift-Cards.

The Events are also hosted on our Discord server, join the discord to look for upcoming events. If there are no events active you can go to #self-roles channels and select the @events role.

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