🎒Basic Plugins

Here are all the basic plugins that can't fill up an entire page, but still deserve a mention!


We have many different plugins on our server, this page is to discuss the small, but still useful ones!

Player Warps

If you want to set a public warp for other players to visit, Player Warps are the best way to do so. By using the command /pw set [name] at the location you want your warp that everyone can visit! Please note that it does cost money to make a warp, and deleting a warp with /pw remove [name] will not return your money. You can change the spawn of your warp with /pw reset [name] also costs money as well as /pw rename [name] [newname]. You can also rate someone's warp with /pw rate [name] and make your warp featured in the /pw menu buy renting a spot!


If you want to teleport to a player or have a player teleport to you, it's simple! Using the command /tpa [playername] you can request to teleport to another player which will give them the option to accept or decline. To request a player to teleport to you, use the command /tpahere [playername] which will also give them the option to accept or decline. To accept or decline a teleport request, either click the Accept/Decline messages in chat or type the command /tpaccept or/tpdeny.

Paying Players

If you want to give a player some money you can by doing the /pay [amount] command, don't be too generous though, you need money too!

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