🌟Getting Started

To begin with, welcome to RiftCraft! We've created a wiki to get you started that should help you create your own experience.


In order to see our rules, you can use the command /rules in-game. We do have a more in-depth set of rules on our Wiki though, which we encourage you to read. You can also view those rules by clicking the button below.

🎯pageServer Rules!

Gathering Materials

In the Vanilla Worlds, you can find the ingredients you require. However, RiftCraft includes a specific group of worlds where you can gather supplies for creating whatever you wish. To guarantee that there will be sufficient resources forever, these worlds reset every month. Every month, the following worlds are reset:

Resource (Overworld)

Resource Nether (Nether)

Creating a Claim

Claims is an important part to our server, and great for keeping your items and builds safe. You can learn more about the Grief Prevention plugin using the detailed guide here.

🧱pageGrief Prevention

Setting Your First Home

Setting a home is a good way to get from one place to another. You can set a point to your base, a farm, or a dimension! To set your first home, use the command /sethome [name] at the location you want to have a home!

Selling an Item for Money

Making money is a good pass time and is needed to progress on our server. One of the quick ways to make money is selling items to the server. There are multiple ways to sell items on our server. Check them out below :

● Auction House

You can do /ah sell [price] and post it on the Auction House. The item will be in the AH GUI which can be opened using /ah. You can learn more about the Auction House plugin using the detailed guide here.

🏢pageAuction House

● Chest Shop

You can create a Chest Shop which can be used to sell items directly to other players. You can learn more about the Chest Shop plugin using the detailed guide here.

📦pageChest Shop

Visit the page below to learn about different ways to make money!

💸pageMaking Money

Ranking Up

Ranking up on RiftCraft gives people something to work towards. When you join the server for the first time, you obtain the VISITOR rank. In order to do your first rankup, you must gain at least 5 votes by doing /vote. Once you get everything, use the command /ranks and you will be able to look at all of the vote ranks available.

Note : There are paid ranks at store.riftcraftmc.com which will get you perks without voting on the vote sites and will also support the server.

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