💸Making Money

Earning income from various sources and activities


You can join jobs by doing /jobs browse . You will have numerous options of jobs which you will be able to join. We suggest joining the Miner or Woodcutter job to get started and try getting a fishing rod as soon as possible. Then join the Fisher job and make money.

Do /ranks to see how many jobs you can join.

Click below to checkout the detailed guide for the Jobs Plugin.

Using Auto Clicker & Auto Fishing Mods is not permitted for jobs.

Selling Items to Players

The recommended methods to sell items are give below.

By using Chest Shops

You can first create a claim, then set a Player Warp at that location. After which you can use the Chest Shop Plugin to create your shop when you can buy/sell items from/to players on the server. The detailed guide for the Chest Shop plugin is given below.

By using Auction House

You can just list your items on the auction house and get other players to buy it. It is a very User friendly interface which can help you earn some money. Click below to checkout the detailed guide for the Auction House Plugin.

Selling Services to Players

What you can do is join our discord and then go to the # 💼-jobs channel and post the services you provide. It can be from mining to making a farm, even a build. You can also try to find jobs posted by other player in the # 💼-jobs channel.

These jobs posted by players and services provided by players sometimes tend to be a scam therefore we suggest that you should have some evidence of the deals like screenshots of the chats so that the staff can assist you incase of a scam.

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